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We believe that everyone looks for easy access to some pertinent requirement in our lives, one of the most important is healthcare. As a healthcare provider, we strive to be available to manage your health whether for you or your family or as a company staff. Staying healthy and active will definitely bring more joy in managing and balancing your work and life better.

As a member of H Clinic group of healthcare provider, we are competent, committed and well-trained medical professionals who offer high quality health care services. As a group, we are able to:

  • meet patient’s request for effective holistic care;
  • Integrated heath system and report;
  • additional services to be offered in our facilities;
  • have an avant garde healthcare solutions
  • provide the area or region with the best clinical care.
  • combine our knowledge and resources to manage the administrative tasks;
  • helping SMEs and corporations to manage employees’ health and update their records with FOMEMA and other heath screening bodies established by MOH.
  • reducing the cost for heath check packages and medical consultancy.

Whether you need a health checkup or other medical services, you can depend on our staff at any of our clinic near you for professional and effective services.

H Clinics Corporate Clients 


  1. Acecourt Auto S/B
  2. Asiabina Holdings S/B
  3. Asiaco Kamunting Forklift Services S/B
  4. Antamaju S/B
  5. ASP Medical Centre 
  6. Chuan Sin S/B (SPRITZER) 
  7. Comfort Rubber Gloves Industries S/B
  8. Eco Medi Glove S/B
  9. Family confectionery S/B
  10. FFM Farms S/B
  11. General Aluminium Works (M) S/B
  12. Goh Brothers Motor S/B
  13. Handal Yakin S/B
  14. Health Connect S/B
  15. Health Metrice S/B
  16. Heap Soon Farming S/B
  17. Hi Home Hardware & Electrical S?B
  18. Integrated Health Plans (M) S/B
  19. Jump Retail S/B
  20. Kamunting Premix Plant S/B
  21. Lac Packaging & Printing Press S/B
  22. LTS Distribution (M) S/B
  23. Liptex Industry
  24. Matang Plastic & Metal Works Industries S/B
  25. Mednefits
  26. Micare S/B
  27. MiyaCare S/B
  28. Mega Resources & Trading S/B
  29. One Glove Group
  30. Protecthealth Corporation S/B
  31. Prestavest Berhad
  32. PWF Farms S/B
  33. Pristar Housing Development S/B
  34. Rumah Warga Tua Anning Berhad
  35. Simpang Enterprises S/B
  36. Simpang  Pulai Premix Plant S/B
  37. Scenic Fairway S/B (Flemington Hotel)
  38. Sheng  Tat Farming  S/B
  39. Syarikat Perniagaan Dan Pengangkutan Taiping S/B
  40. Smart Industries S/B
  41. St John Nursing Home (Perak Utara)
  42. Sun Huat Construction & Renovation
  43. Toyo Tires Malaysia S/B
  44. Taiping Paper Mills S/B
  45. Taiping Tyre Sendirian Berhad
  46. True Safety Driving Centre S/B
  47. The New Club
  48. Toh Theam Hock & Co
  49. Unitab Medic Sdn Bhd (Fomema)
  50. UWC Berhad
  51. YU Electrical Engineering S/B
  52. Zit Cheong Engineering & Metal Works S/B